We love vintage Madame Alexander dolls... Arlene -- aka DELILAH -- and I do.  Enough said.  You must feel the same since you’re here.  Let us help you feed your obsession. We’ll send you a new-old Cissy, Elise, Cissette, Lissy, etc., or repair and restore your much loved, played-with dolls. How about a new outfit? There’s plenty to choose from--haute couture to vintage style reproductions to the originals.  Recapture the excitement you felt Christmas morning so many years ago.  I know you’ll be smiling!

Dolls & Clothing

• Cissy

  1. Elise

  2. Cissette

  3. Lissy

  4. Binnie

  5. Maggie

1957: Cissy, sitting, #2160; Elise, #1638 (Bridesmaid); Cissette #960 (Bridesmaid)